Welcome to Jack’s Whittier Restaurant


Come on in and check out the new remodel!

About Jack’s

Jack’s Whittier Restaurant has been serving Whittier since 1933 as a true American Coffee Shop. Open every day of the year, Jack’s restaurant is no stranger to delivering home cooked meals with a great cup of coffee. You can expect to see the same faces with the regular crowd that Jack’s draws in. You can enjoy breakfast all day long, some of our daily specials or even grab some of our famous fried chicken to go!


What Others Have To Say

Erika G. – I’m sorry I haven’t reviewed you sooner Jack. I really am. I love you and your succulent breast, your meaty thighs and crispy little wings. Your batter is just right, not overkill nor over fried and well you smell so damn good! No matter how many other VERY popular fried chicken joints (no, it’s not my style to throw down names) I’ve hit up throughout the years, and in my short but sweet yelphood, I’ve still managed to think of you as the comparison. You are always on point & your consistency is appreciated. You are never dry and always juicy.

Art L. – If you’re on a tour of Googie Architecture, you’ll probably find yourself at Jacks. Total ’50s time warp, inside and out. You might fall in love with the place; it’s got a certain nostalgic charm.

Jennifer H. – We always get the Corn Beef Hash and the BLT. There’s something about the way their bacon is prepped that makes me hate all other BLTs. Their service is always excellent!! Something to try: A cup/bowl of chili. It’s delish and you can get it with cheese and onions!

Ashley A. – What stood out was the soup they had a cream chicken and vegetable soup the day we went I asked the waitress to mix them which she did without a problem. It was sooooo good. The picture isn’t pretty, but that soup was made with love. Big piece s of chicken, chunky cuts of veggies, rice, macaroni noodles, and it was very flavorful.